Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dear Lloyd Dobler,

Remember how you were all "one more time would be nice," and whatnot when Diane said she loved you, that she needed you? You said "Do you need someone or do you need me? It doesn't matter anyway", and gave yourself back to her like the champion of all delusionally-expectationed romantics that you are? Thanks to you (and Cameron Crowe would probably like a mention), I and my kind have purchased countless tickets for a ride on the real thing, as you would have us believe it, and waited to hear our song uncurling on some warm, magical night, finding our ears like we always knew it would, filling the empty spaces in us, around us, until we are humming with goodness.

You know, I can't even do it, Lloyd Dobler. I cannot allow bitterness and inaction on my part to be used against you in some half-assed, overly sarcastic ghost of a diatribe. Fictional though you are, Say Anything remains unassailable. Lloyd Dobler.

Moonbeams and kittens,
The D.L.


Taffy Woodland said...

tell me about it sister !!!

dr von drinkensnorten said...

*raising boombox playing slayer outside your window*

dr von drinkensnorten said...

how is the daily letter? we ("the royal") haven't hardly seen the daily letter online.. what is going on with the daily letter's life? why doesn't the daily letter call me? i finished reading the daily letter's book and so i'm going to start reading the wine book dr von drinkensnorten's father bought him for christmas (we do not believe in nepotism in selecting reading material, do we not?). we love you, xoxo

The D.L. said...

we haven't been able to post this for days because every time we see 'the wine book dr. von drinkensnorten's father bought him for christmas,' we cannot stop laughing. it's been fifteen minutes. we love you dearly.

dr von drinkensnorten said...

another year..