Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dear Justice Ministry of Saudi Arabia,

On behalf of women worldwide, whether or not I have their approval-- fuck you. Seriously. Fuck you. Using words you believe are holy to punish two victims of being assaulted and raped? For 'illegal mingling', because they were unrelated? F-u-c-k-y-o-u. We should do our best to respect the right to practice other forms of governance, but basic human rights supercede such philosophies. Regrettably, your judiciary feels that 200 lashes, six months in jail, your lawyer being thrown out of the courtroom, or-- as the man-- 90 lashes, and your licence being revoked are fair penalties for being attacked and raped by seven men. Totally fair, right? Seven men. Seven, people. Terrifying.

Hmmm, I definitely see this as a human rights issue. A women's rights issue. I know the unrelated man in question also received lashes (Lashes? Come on! Quit whipping people!), but the woman received an amended version-- um, a worse version. Sure, she would have had her licence revoked if she were ALLOWED TO DRIVE, SAY, TO SCHOOL FOR EXAMPLE, but that's one less worry for her. Like riding a bicycle on public roads, or leaving the country without her husband or male guardian's permission. What a relief it must be! So spiritually rewarding. I understand the value and reward of submission, but that is when it is by choice, with love, not accident of birth or governmental decree. Feel me?

Endless letters piling in your courtyards would never have sufficient numbers, nor their words enough weight to truly reveal what a devastation treating a person like chattel is, so that must find illumination in your own hearts and minds.

Gentleman, lay down your sabers and look for it--

Best of luck,
The D.L.


dr von drinkensnorten said...

An illiterate, cave dwelling pedophile starts a religion. 1400 years later, its adherents are batshit crazy. A religion of peace, my ass.

Jessica said... Saudi Arabia!