Monday, December 17, 2007

Dear Saudi King Abdullah,

Word up. Nice job on your pardoning of a teenage girl of her penalties for being gang raped. Still 'convinced and sure that the verdicts were fair'? Jackasses. Please use this situation as a way to enact judicial and sentence reforms. You need to stop hurting women.

It is good that you acted (somewhat) on her behalf, and I am grateful for any scraps of reason out there.

The D.L.


dr von drinkensnorten said...

As long as these morons run the Arabian Peninsula, scores remain rich in Europe and America by betting on the oil market. Is it any wonder these stone-aged thinkers are keep in power? Saudi Arabia, our great ally. If we our you mean the top 1% of wealth holders in the world.

dr von drinkensnorten said...

the yearly letter, more like it..