Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dear alleged Case student,

What were you really doing at the airport? I guess it's possible that you were visiting family in Missouri (though you originally said you were from Eureka), but your eyes had the flash of a liar, or a story-changer at the very least. You were speeding along crazily on something--smoking cigarette after cigarette, deflecting questions from the people outside wondering what you were still doing there-- just careening from topic to topic. Drunk RTA drivers toe a straighter line. I wanted to tell the concerned looking older couple that you were just tripping your fucking ass off (with some methamphetamines to boot), but they seemed a bit delicate.

Here are a few of the more interesting topics and assessments lit upon during our brief, yet dense, conversation(?) :

-You finally reconciled with your parents (alright!)
-You are in your third year at CWRU, but must leave, soon, to go to North Carolina. It is calling you.
-You believe in god, not necessarily as we (sic) understand god, but you lean toward a monotheistic belief system
-You are quick to revise your opinions when faced with logic and/or other opinions (see above)
-You are quick to revise your opinions when faced with the brute force of a chemical rush
-You wanted a ride to Case, and though you were told it was not going to happen, you kept asking. Perseverance! A fine quality
-You left home at fifteen. Wait-- at seventeen. Um, no--wait-- at fifteen
-You love root vegetables
-You have an idea that will help people compartmentalize and move their information around more easily. You will also assist in the procuring of more information!
-You just want to talk to people

Look here, crazy pants-- I like talking to people too. Even mentally affected people. I just think you need to relax. You're young. Back off of the hard stuff. You are asking for a world of pain. I know, you probably think you're running from it, but there is always more to come, dude. You gotta be careful.

Good Luck,
The D.L.


dr von drinkensnorten said...

in the famous words of paul "innocent before proven guilty" mccartney:


won't you drive my car?

yes. i'm going to be a star.


you can drive my car.

and, maybe, i'll love you.

The D.L. said...

beep-beep mmm beep-beep-- yeah!