Monday, October 16, 2006

Dear Daily Letter,

What is going on with you? Have you no motivation? Do you neglect to bring your laptop with you when you travel? Does depression carve a hollow in your stomach that you have no idea how to fill so you just sit there waiting for something to come along and fill it? You really should get some sort of system working. A program. A goal. Never mind that goals are just a longer, more dorky way to stave off the hollow-- do it, person!

The esteemed Dr. Von Drinkensnorten rightly assesses you as somewhat fictional through the use of quotation marks surrounding the word 'daily'. I don't expect you to actually write every single day, but let's make an effort, shall we? You are probably totally mad that i just said 'we.' It's context-appropriate! When I say 'we' I really mean 'you', which really means 'we.' It's a limited time offer!

I feel you, dude. It's fun to sit around relishing your unmitigated gall, but isn't it time to shine on, you crazy diamond? It really is. I'm fucking bored.

The D.L.