Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear Hugo Chavez,

Look, I know he's not the most likable guy in the world, but the devil? Seriously, say it ain't so, Hugo. The devil? Did you really smell sulfur, or was that just dramatic effect taking a bow? The Daily Letter does not ally herself with President Bush, but she is aware of the dangers--oh! the mistakes-- of charging someone with possession. President Chavez, you may disagree with him, yet he is not the devil. I can get down with some Hannah Arendt on the banality of evil.

Speaking of devilry, perhaps a review of Venezuelan social policies and poverty statistics would be helpful to you at this time. Unemployment is really high! Terrible health care! Vast gulf between affluent and masses! Hmm... seems familiar. Venezuela is pretty much 97-98% catholic, so an abortion is out of the question. No same-sex marriages, or homosexual military service. Heavily influenced media. Your poverty level is 47%. 47%! Wow, that is alot. In almost every social policy, the policies of the U.S. are far superior than Venezuelan law of the same issue. Not so liberal, says I. Doesn't it bother you to besmirch one man in one administration? Just in a self-interested way, at least. What about the repucussions? The finger pointing at you? Although I do enjoy a good argument. I'm not offended that you criticize Mr. Bush. Rather, it is essential to my idea of my how the U.S. should work. Just, a good argument, please.

I cannot wait for the day when no current world leader evokes a political association with god, or God, or the related affirmations of such an alliance. Is there no longer a problem with hubris? I feel we should be past rewarding a person's claiming to know the will of god, or enforcing acts of god.

It's just that now-- any credibilty you had-- any sense you made has been decimated by your recent behaviour and allegiances. You seriously think it's cool for Hizbollah to be celebrating victory? Isn't joy at the defeat of another something a catholic works to vanquish?

Please, for the love of, um, pete, try to calm down.

Bereft of your gods,
The D.L.

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dr von drinkensnorten said...

how much do you love keith olbermann tho?